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How the Summer Sun Can Help Maintain Your Pond

  • June 18, 2022

One of the most difficult times of year for a pond is the summer. While the pond is great for aesthetics, it can really take a beating and lose some of its stunning features in the summer due to the high temperatures and lack of rain. It may sound counterproductive but did you know that the sun can actually help maintain your pond if utilized property? How does one do this? With a solar fountain from Outdoor Water Solutions.

First, here is how the summer months can wreak havoc on your pond. In order to maintain the health of its aquatic life, the water in ponds needs to be continuously circulated so that debris does not settle at the bottom and turn to muck. The circulation also maintains the oxygen levels needed for healthy wildlife. In some parts of the country, summertime usually means a lack of rain which can be a problem for ponds. Rainwater assists in flushing out the pond and circulating the pond water, resulting in an eco-friendly way to assist in the maintenance of your pond. 

Most individuals who live in an area of the country that receives very little rain usually invest in a pond aerator to help maintain their pond. However, not everyone wants to have an increased electricity bill and, further, not everyone’s pond is located near an energy source. This is where a solar pond aerator comes into play.

What is a Solar Pond Aerator?

Solar pond aerators are a great way to prevent stagnation and stratification as they push air through the water creating a healthier environment for your wildlife. Besides maintaining your pond, one of the best aspects of a solar pond aerator is they don’t require a power source or wind to operate. They’re also perfect for anyone who is focused on being environmentally friendly. 

Solar pond aerators come in a variety of styles from those that sit underwater and floating solar pond fountains. Floating solar pond fountains are a great addition to any pond as they add to the aesthetics of the pond and create a little ambiance. The best part is, this aesthetically pleasing solar fountain can be powered 100% on solar energy while also keeping your pond and aquatic life healthy. 

And it’s not just residential ponds that you’ll see these types of solar pond aerators. From hotels to golf courses, those gorgeous ponds that add to the experience of the venue or course are (mostly) floating solar pond fountains. For businesses, solar fountains are a better option as they’re cost-effective, they add a beautiful touch to the pond, and a power source is not necessary for them to operate. 

The summer sun can do some damage to our ponds but it can also help maintain them. If your pond is taking a beating from the sun, give us at Outdoor Water Solutions a call today! We have a variety of solar pond aerators and floating solar pond fountains available to not only beautify your pond but will also keep your pond water flowing, ensuring it remains clean and healthy for your aquatic life. Check out our solar pond aerator products and contact us at 866.471.1614 today!

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