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Protecting Your Pond From the Effects of Rain

  • May 9, 2023

Sometimes an unexpected change in weather can wreak havoc on our environment, requiring a certain amount of cleanup and maintenance. When it comes to our ponds, there are some measures to take in order to ensure your pond is kept in optimal health. If your pond has recently been subjected to a severe bout of weather, here are some steps to take to get your pond back to health with pond products from Outdoor Water Solutions.

Treat Your Pond with Natural Pond Bacteria Products

When there is a significant amount of rain the balance in your pond gets disturbed, as the added water is often water that’s runoff from your lawn which could potentially contain pesticides and/or herbicides. This event can alter the oxygen levels in the pond, causing the rapid accumulation of floating green organic matter. 

A storm that produces large amounts of rain can also cause a fluctuation in the temperatures of the pond, particularly a spike in temperature. This also causes oxygen levels to drop and promotes the growth of organic matter. Fortunately, there is a way to treat this issue immediately following a storm. Administering natural pond bacteria products to your pond will mitigate the problems caused by bad weather.

At Outdoor Water Solutions, we offer several industry-leading natural pond bacteria products as well as pond aeration systems that can get your pond back to health and maintain it. Adding pond muck pellets and pond microbes to your pond is one of the best ways to nurse it back to health. Our natural pond bacteria products are not only an effective pond treatment but they are also easy to use.

Clean Up Your Pond and Equipment

Once the weather has cleared and it’s safe, it’s time to remove the debris in your pond, particularly leaves and tree branches should they apply. It’s important to remove leaves from your pond as they sink to the bottom and add to the layer of sludge, which can lower the oxygen levels in your pond. 

Next, you want to check your equipment such as your pond aeration systems. It’s imperative to check these pieces of equipment to ensure they were not damaged. At Outdoor Water Solutions, we always recommend to our pond owners that they have a pond aeration system in place to help the pond circulate water, keeping the temperature down and preventing water from becoming stagnant. A pond aeration system will also help distribute your natural pond bacteria products throughout your pond ecosystem.

Of course, there are also preventative measures you can take to protect your pond as much as possible in the event there is bad weather. To minimize the damage caused by torrential rain, consider adding netting or a pond cover. You may also want to consider trimming back trees to prevent debris from blowing into your pond. We also recommend maintaining a healthy lawn so that in the event of inclement weather, your lawn can absorb the majority of the rain.

If your area has recently experienced a bout of bad weather and you’re not quite sure what is needed to return your pond to health, we can help! We work with industry-leading products that are designed to ensure your pond is healthy and your aquatic life is thriving. For more information on our natural pond bacteria products as well as our other pond products, contact our professionals today at 888.778.3134!

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