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The Basic Principles of Pond Maintenance

  • February 15, 2023

At Outdoor Water Solutions, one of the most important aspects of our company is educating our customers in proper pond management. From natural pond bacteria products to pond aeration systems, our goal is to provide everything a pond owner needs to properly maintain their pond. Though we’re always available to address anyone’s concerns, often, we encounter individuals that receive recommendations for pond maintenance from unreliable sources or the DIY solution they chose didn’t adequately address the problem. There are various different sources that claim to have solutions geared towards pond preservation and maintenance and while there is great information out there, the fact is the best source to get information from is that of professionals who are passionate and knowledgeable in this field. 

If you’re a pond owner and are searching for pond maintenance information, the owners of Outdoor Water Solutions are here to help. When it comes to pond maintenance we believe there are three key components that will provide your pond with the care it needs to keep your pond and aquatic life thriving. 

The Steps to a Healthy Pond

When dealing with pond maintenance and management, the truth is there is no quick fix or solution that will make pond problems disappear overnight. Oftentimes we meet customers who are dealing with an out-of-control algae problem and who’ve tried solutions that claim to be fast-acting but are to no avail. The first thing to know is that just as it took time for your pond to break down and deteriorate, it will also take time to correct the situation.

At Outdoor Water Solutions, our first component of proper pond maintenance is natural pond bacteria products. Our products are designed to break down excess nutrients and organic matter in the pond which can reduce algae and odor, making your pond clean and healthy. These products also include pond aeration systems and aeration products that are particularly useful when you’re located in an area where natural aeration is not a possibility. 

The next component of proper pond maintenance is lake and pond dyes. Humans aren’t the only beings that need to be sheltered from the sun. Ponds need to be protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays as they can help prevent weeds and algae from growing. Lake and pond dyes help to filter sunlight, shielding your pond from the sun and unhealthy growth.

Lastly, we recommend utilizing pond muck pellets for the health of your pond. Pond muck pellets are perfect for high-use areas such as ponds, docks, and swimming pools. These pellets work by going straight into the muck, eliminating muck and sludge in specific areas.

Professional Pond Maintenance at Your Service

When it comes to proper pond maintenance, trust the experts. Outdoor Water Solutions is a proven leader in pond management with years of experience in the industry. We offer high-quality natural pond bacteria products and pond aeration systems that are designed to maintain your pond and keep your aquatic life healthy and thriving. 

For more information on our pond products and services, contact the professionals at Outdoor Water Solutions today at 866.471.1614!

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