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What is Solar Aeration?

  • December 15, 2021

Solar Aeration

When it comes to pond aeration, you will find a wide variety of choices. Among these choices, you will have the solar pond aerator to consider. What makes solar aeration the right investment for your pond? To find out if a solar aerator is what you need, you’ll need to know a few things. By understanding the mechanics of a solar aeration system, you will get the most out of your aeration setup. Outdoor Water solutions offers a variety of solar aeration solutions including the OWS DW Classic 5 Solar Aerator. This article will go over some of the specifics about what solar aeration is and what it can do for your pond.

The Aeration Process

The aeration cycle will be the same for a solar aerator, with some differences compared to the other options. The aeration cycle is essential to keep your pond clean and clear. Its primary purpose is to infuse your pond with oxygen. This gives the water constant circulation throughout your pond. Without any type of aeration, your water would become stagnant and cause an array of unwanted results. Aeration can prevent dirty water, foul odors, and more within the pond.

A Solar Aerator and Your Pond

How do you know if a solar aerator is the right choice for you? Well, let’s go over a few facts. The solar aeration system does not use electricity to power the aerator. Instead, it uses the sun’s energy to power the entire aeration process. The aeration will then work to break down the excessive nutrients to give you clear water. A solar aerator will work great for you if you live in an open area where your panels can receive an abundance of sunshine. Even if you live in a confined area, as long as you give your panels a clear path to sunshine, you are sure to keep your aerator working.

The Benefits of a Solar Aerator

One of the most significant benefits of a solar aerator is that you will be able to save money on your monthly electric bill. Using a solar-powered aerator is also good for the environment and the pond’s surroundings. The good thing about the solar aerator is that you can also invest in a solar aeration battery backup. Any solar power will also be stored in the battery. This can come in handy on those cloudy days when you can’t get that abundant sunshine you need. The battery backup will kick in and power your aerator.

Great for Rural Homes

A solar aeration system can work great for anyone living in a rural homestead, such as a farm. Since connecting electricity to a pond aerator can be challenging, a solar pond system would be the perfect solution. You can also be confident that solar pond aerators will work to aerate large and small ponds. Make sure that you choose the right size to accommodate the surface area and depth of the pond. By doing this, you are sure to get the results you want for your pond.

Outdoor Water Solutions offers high-quality pond & lake aerators (solar, electric & wind) and aeration windmill systems, fish feeders, fountains, and all-natural pond care products. Please email or call us at 866.471.1614 and we can provide you with a detailed quote and can even help you design the best solar aeration system for your needs.

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