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Winterize Your Ponds: Falling Leaves

  • October 2, 2012

Winterize Your Ponds: Leaves

Winterize Your Ponds: Falling Leaves

When the leaves start falling and the air turns crisp, it’s time to prepare your ponds and outdoor water features for winter. A few steps this fall will save you time and money next spring.

Continue to keep the pond free of leaves and plant debris. Loose vegetation left in the pond will break down over the winter causing a spike in harmful ammonia levels. To help with this cover your pond with netting before the leaves start falling and keep the area around the pond raked. Once all the leaves have dropped and the trees are bare you can take off the leaf netting.

Now it’s time to install the pond cover to prevent things from blowing in during the winter and damaging the pond liner or hurting the fish. The cover will actually act like a mini-greenhouse and raise the temperature underneath by a few degrees.

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