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5 DIY Winter Pond Projects

  • November 16, 2023

There’s nothing like owning a pond in the winter. It’s a serene experience when you see just how peaceful your outdoor space is with the addition of a beautiful pond to bring your yard together. However, taking care of your pond in the winter can sometimes feel like a hassle with too much work to upkeep to manage. Outdoor Water Solutions wants to help you find easier ways to keep your pond clean and healthy, so come springtime, your pond and aquatic life will be thriving. With a vast assortment of pond necessities, such as fish feeders, pond cleaning tools, our pond dock kits, and windmills for pond aeration, we have plenty of ways to keep your pond safe this winter. Just follow these 5 easy DIY pond projects, and your pond will be winter-ready in no time. 

1. Pondside Seating Area

The first project we recommend is building a bench or seating area near your pond to enjoy the winter scenery. It’s beneficial to use weather-resistant materials when planning the perfect outdoor area. Outdoor Water Solutions offers a great “Do It Yourself” Dock Package, which includes plans, floats, and the hardware to build a dock to fit your pond needs! While you will need to purchase certain items on your own, our Pond Dock Kits are a great alternative to help you save some money and get a beautiful addition to your pond! 

2. Bird Feeding Station 

Another winter project we recommend is having a bird feeding station. Birds often carry seeds in their beaks or feathers. By providing a feeding station, you encourage birds to visit the area, and in turn, they may help disperse seeds. This can contribute to the growth of vegetation around the pond, providing additional habitat and food sources for other wildlife. A winter hack we recommend trying is using any of the Texas Hunter or American Fish Feeders we offer. While these are labeled as fish feeders, they can also be used to feed other wildlife with corn products, making this a great option year round! 

3. Install an aeration system 

Aeration in the winter is key in preventing a fish winter kill. By keeping a hole open in the ice, you are allowing for a gas exchange and ultimately preventing fish kill. We offer any different aeration options for your pond in the winter, with products such as our pond de icer, Ice-Away De-Icer, windmill for pond aeration, or any of our electric and solar aeration options. The best option for your pond is installing a windmill for pond aeration, as it can be a year-round solution, that has low maintenance and customizable options to match your pond’s aesthetics. 

4. Fall Pond Cleaning Station

Additionally, we believe that having a cleaning space is optimal for a clean pond. By setting up a designated area with a spot for tools specifically for cleaning out debris, you can make it easier to perform routine maintenance on the pond. Not sure what tools you should use to achieve a clean and healthy pond? Outdoor Water Solutions has an array of pond cleaning tools that are perfect to get the job done! From heavy duty weed cutters and rakes to accessories and other parts, we have what you need to maintain your pond, all year long!

5. Natural Stone Edging 

Last but certainly not least, we at Outdoor Water Solutions recommend adding a natural stone edge to your pond. There are many added benefits to adding a barrier around the edge of your pond for the winter time. Some of these reasons include protecting the wildlife and aquatic organisms, particular algae control, reducing soil erosion, and preventing freeze-thaw cycles. Adding a stone edging to your pond can also help you by adding a visual appeal and will stabilize your pond’s perimeter. Enhance your pond by adding a barrier around your pond this winter. 

Contact Outdoor Water Solutions

Are you ready to get your pond winter ready? Don’t let your pond suffer this winter. Follow these 5 easy DIY projects, and you can help get your pond through the winter with ease. Contact Outdoor Water Solutions today or talk to the pond experts by calling 877.512.1091 today. 


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