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Break the Ice With Ice-Away De-Icer

  • February 14, 2024

When temperatures drop and ice begins to form, pond owners rely on proactive measures to survive the harsh conditions. In order to maintain a healthy environment for their pond’s aquatic life amidst the ice, the Ice-Away De-Icer is your best ally in combating the formation of ice on top of your pond. Outdoor Water Solutions pond de icer stands head and shoulders above other competitor pond de icers. If you are looking to prevent ice damage and improve your water quality, choose the Ice-Away De-Icer. 

Understanding the Need

As temperatures plummet, ponds freeze over, endangering the delicate balance of ecosystems within. Fish and plants struggle to survive in oxygen-depleted waters trapped beneath the ice. Ice-Away De-Icer steps in as a vital tool, ensuring ponds remain open, allowing oxygen exchange, and preventing harmful gasses from building up.

The Ice-Away De-Icer operates on a simple yet effective principle. By creating a localized area of open water, it facilitates gas exchange, crucial for the survival of aquatic life. As it gently agitates the surface, it prevents the formation of a solid ice layer, maintaining a refuge for fish and other pond inhabitants.

An Ice-Away Advantage 

Ice-Away De-Icer boasts not only functionality but also safety features. Designed to operate efficiently in harsh winter conditions, it remains steadfast against freezing temperatures, ensuring continuous operation when needed most. Its low-profile design minimizes hazards, providing peace of mind for both pond owners and their aquatic companions. 

Another important feature about Outdoor Water Solutions’ Ice-Away De-Icer is that it has an eco-friendly and water-cooled motor, making our  pond de icer oil free! This means there is no potential of oil leaking into your pond should a seal fail, which can’t be said for a majority of other pond de icers on the market right now. Beyond its practical benefits, Ice-Away De-Icer promotes environmental harmony. By preserving open water, it encourages wildlife activity throughout the winter months. Ducks, birds, and other creatures find sanctuary in these ice-free zones, enriching the ecosystem and delighting observers.

Ease of Installation

Installing our Ice-Away De-Icer is a breeze. With simple setup instructions, pond owners can have it up and running in no time. Whether through floating or submersible models, it integrates seamlessly into existing pond setups, ready to safeguard against winter’s chill. With an optional prop guard and mounting float available, you can protect your pond de icer from excess trash and debris. The mounting float converts the pond de icer into a surface aerator which can also keep the water open in the winter while adding supplemental oxygen to your pond or lake.

Maximize Your Pond Health

A healthy pond is a thriving ecosystem, and our Ice-Away De-Icer plays a pivotal role in maintaining this balance. By ensuring continuous oxygenation and gas exchange, it safeguards against winterkill, preserving the vitality of fish and plant life. With Ice-Away De-Icer, ponds remain vibrant year-round.

Ready to break the ice and discover the transformative power of Ice-Away De-Icer? Join the ranks of satisfied pond owners who have embraced this essential winter pond de icer. Contact Outdoor Water Solutions today by calling 866.471.1614 and unlock the secret to winter pond maintenance.

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