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Outdoor Water Solutions

Preparing Pond Plants For Winter

Preparing Pond Plants For Winter As cold weather approaches, trim hardy lotus and lilies and then put them in the deepest part of the pond. Other hardy plants such as grasses, cattails, and iris do not need to be trimmed back in temperate zone gardens, but for colder climates...
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Winterize Your Pond: Aeration

Winterize Your Pond: Aeration Well, it’s that time of year when fall is soon upon us, then the short cold days of winter. If you own or manage a pond or lake, then you’re probably not thinking too much about “winterizing” it. Nature will take just take its course...
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Winterize Your Ponds: Falling Leaves

Winterize Your Ponds: Falling Leaves When the leaves start falling and the air turns crisp, it’s time to prepare your ponds and outdoor water features for winter. A few steps this fall will save you time and money next spring. Continue to keep the pond free of leaves and...
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Outdoor Water Solutions Expands Line of Electric Aerators

Electric Aerators Outdoor Water Solutions, a pond and lake product manufacturing company based out of Springdale, AR, has announced its new AerMaster Pro TM extended line of electric aerators for the 2012 season. John Redd, President, states, “Outdoor Water Solutions is the leading manufacturer in the Wind Driven Aeration...
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Diffuser Placement for Pond Aeration

  Diffuser Placement One of the most common questions asked is, “Where to place diffusers when considering pond aeration?” Some “experts” claim that aeration is best when diffusers are placed in the shallower parts of a pond, others the deeper parts, and some say it is best when placed...
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Silt, Nature’s Pond Pudding

Silt and Your Pond Silt. Soft, gooey, mucky black pond bottom stuff oozing between toes, staining shoes past ankles. Decaying organic contents of silt smell like rotten eggs. Wade the edge of your pond, and take a look. Nature gives us silt, naturally. It is as normal as fallen leaves,...
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Know your Pond Life – Pond Maintenance and Care Tips

Pond Maintenance and Care It never fails. I’ll get a call, or an e-mail from someone wishing to stock bass into their pond. A quick quiz into their program often tells the tale. Had a call today..“I need to stock my new two acre pond with bass. How much...
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