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Does Your Pond Need a De-Icer to Survive the Winter?

  • November 9, 2022

A frozen pond seems like such an easy fix: simply break the ice and your problem is solved. However, by doing this you could essentially be putting your fish in front of the equivalent of a sound system. It may sound like a party but the soundwaves can actually stress and hurt your fish. Needless to say, this is probably the worst way to go about saving your fish and aquatic life from a frozen pond. In a situation like this, a pond de icer would be a much healthier and safer solution.

Before you make the plunge, there are a couple of circumstances that will alleviate the need for a pond de icer. If you have a waterfall or you do not have any fish, a pond de icer may not be a necessity. Waterfalls will keep a hole in your pond via the moving water and fish will stay away from it while hibernating as the water will be colder than the rest of the pond. 

But Which Pond De Icer is Best For You?

There are two types of de icers to choose from for your pond. One is a floating pond de icer. A floating pond de icer will keep a hole in the ice allowing for toxic gasses to escape and help keep your fish healthy. A submersible de icer is good for heating a small part of the pond and sits about 10” below the surface which is great for your hibernating fish. However, depending on the severity of the winter weather, there’s no guarantee that it will keep a hole so it’s a good idea to pair your pond de icer with a pond aeration system. 

Why Not a Pond Heater?

At Outdoor Water Solutions, we often get asked what the difference is between a pond de icer and a pond heater. A pond heater is nice however, they pretty much turn your pond into a hot tub. Pond heaters are primarily meant for ponds that contain tropical fish and can interfere with the seasonal cycle and immune system of koi, goldfish, and other pond fish that are not tropical. Adversely, a pond de icer does not heat the water, it only melts the ice.

Making a Pond De icer Work For You and Your Fish

Whether it’s a pond aeration system, pond de icer, or both, the pond products we carry are designed to keep your pond and aquatic healthy and happy. When it comes to a floating pond de icer the best place for it is anywhere other than close to running water or deep areas. If you’re combining your pond aeration system with a submerged de icer, place it close to the surface so that it can melt the ice. And, of course, be sure you have a battery backup for your solar aerator just in case!

Keep Your Pond and Fish Healthy This Holiday Season

A pond de icer and pond aeration products will ensure that your fish have a healthy and thriving holiday season. If you live in an area where the cold winter weather will most assuredly freeze your pond, consider adding a pond de icer to it to help it and your aquatic life make it to spring. For more information on pond de icers or pond aeration products, contact us today to speak to one of our pond experts at 866.471-1614!

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