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Fall Pond Maintenance

  • September 3, 2018

Believe it or not, we’re starting to approach fall! Labor Day signals the start of beautiful late summer days and fall weather. If you have a pond or lake, this is an important time of the year. Following are some key tips to keep in mind as we approach the fall season.

1) Continue with your pond dye and microbe treatments. September and October are still warm months where algae and weeds grow so continue treating. Muck pellets, beneficial bacteria packets and dye are all still important for the next 60-90 days.

2) Fall is a great time to add aeration to your pond or lake if you don’t have it. We manufacture wind, solar and electric aerators so can utilize any or all of the three to aerate your pond. Fall and winter are potential times when you can lose fish due to fall pond turnover or winter ice up conditions. Aeration can help prevent that from happening and get a head start on spring algae issues. Check out our selection of electric and solar aerators.

3) The next 60 days are great times to control problem weeds. Cattails and most other perennial weeds are translocating sugars to their roots to store up energy to survive the winter. When you spray a product like ShoreKlear, it is then translocated to the roots and provides optimum control. Treating once nighttime temperatures reach 45-50 degrees is perfect. You can also treat after a frost as long as more than 50% of the leaf area is still green.

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