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Getting Your Pond or Lake Ready for Spring!

  • May 3, 2018

Well, now that the ice is gone and spring is working its way here, it’s time to think about treating your pond.  All ponds age and as they age, they eventually accumulate black muck on the bottom which then leads to excessive plant vegetation and algae issues.  Why, because the bottom of most ponds is anaerobic and things do not break down and decompose very easily in an anaerobic environment.  As the muck layer grows, it releases phosphorous and other nutrients which then feed green plants and algae or pond “moss.”

Getting Your Pond or Lake Ready for Spring!

So how do you prevent these things from happening?  First, consider adding bottom diffused aeration.  This turns the bottom aerobic which means much more rapid decomposition due to the more active aerobic bacteria.  Why do you think the wastewater treatment plants churn and move their water, to add oxygen and aerobic bacteria, the same way oxygen and aerobic bacteria keep an aquarium clean.  Aeration can be done with wind energy, electricity or using solar power.  All are effective and all work.

Secondly, add some additional microbes and aerobic bacteria.   A concentrated blend of dry bacteria can speed up nutrient and organic matter decomposition.  This can be in pellet form to work on the bottom muck extensively or in dry powder form to circulate throughout the water column.  Thirdly, use a colorant to help filter the sunlight.  We have a wide range of dye’s that are all super concentrates and can help significantly, especially in ponds with shallow edges where algae is prone to grow. 

Getting Your Pond or Lake Ready for Spring!

Lastly, you can selectively use an algaecide or herbicide to help with problem areas.  Outdoor Water Solutions carries a wide range of these products to help control excessive algae and weeds in problem ponds. 

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