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Five Benefits of Adding Pond Microbes

  • October 7, 2021

What are Pond Microbes?

The word microbes can encompass an array of things. It composes a collection of bacteria, protists, and more. When it comes to ponds, there are good and bad bacteria. You will want to promote good bacteria for your pond so they can destroy bad bacteria. One type of bad bacteria can be found on the pond’s surface, while others accumulate at the bottom. Pond microbes, like Outdoor Water Solutions Bacteria Packs, can help to rid your pond of bad bacteria. Let’s go over five benefits that you can get from adding pond microbes to your pond.

  1. Control Algae: Although some algae are necessary for an optimal pond ecosystem, too much algae bloom can also be bad. It can make the pond look dirty and even suffocate the good bacteria. Adding pond microbes can keep algae levels at a balanced point. In the end, you are sure to get clear water by using pond microbes.
  2. Controls Pond Muck: Pond muck is a combination of excess nutrients, algae, and bad bacteria. The good bacteria you add to the pond will break down any excess nutrients that can cause pond muck. Nutrients are also necessary to keep your pond thriving. However, any type of excess nutrients in a pond will do more harm than good. Pond muck can begin to grow within just a few days if it is not adequately controlled. Using pond microbes will also help to keep pond muck at bay.
  3. A Great Combination: Pond microbes can do wonders when you use them in combination with other strategies, such as aeration. You may also need a kit that can work to clean and clear your water. This can include concentrated aerobic bacteria, water clarifier, and Blue Dry Pond Dye. When used together, you will quickly see the benefits.
  4. Easy Maintenance: Another essential benefit is its convenient setup. The application process is simple when you use the kit or just the pond microbes on their own. Simply by following the manufacturer’s instructions on applying the microbes, you are sure to get the results you want. Moreover, you won’t have to drain your pond to clean it. Although you may have to use a skimmer to gather leaves and other forms of large debris, using a pond microbes kit will save you time and energy. Along with the aeration process, you will see a change in the water and even your pond life.
  5. Benefits for Pond Life: The last benefit is a cleaner environment for all of your pond life, such as fish. As mentioned before in the article, some nutrients and algae are necessary for your fish to live. However, too much can cause harm to your fish or impede growth. In addition, if you don’t use pond microbes to remove excess nutrients or algae, the overgrowth of pond muck will suppress oxygen levels in the pond. Remember that oxygen is another component needed so that your fish can survive.

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