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Summer Pond and Lake Maintenance Ideas

  • July 10, 2018

Summer has arrived and the heat is on.  This heat allows us to enjoy many outdoor activities, but also can cause many problems in ponds and lakes with algae blooms, stratification, and fish kills. Read our summer pond and lake maintenance ideas. Outdoor Water Solutions has a full line of products to properly maintain all ponds and lakes so they can be enjoyed safely this summer.

Bottom diffused aeration brings dissolved oxygen levels up, allows waters to mix by evening out temperature, and also accelerates the decomposition of muck and nutrient build up; all critical components for maintaining a healthy pond or lake especially for the summer months.  OWS provides a wide range of aeration systems for small ponds to large lakes.

AerMaster electric aerators, available in 110v or 220v, are very efficient and powerful, capable of producing up to 14.4 CFM at 5psi on Pro 11 and 12 models for applications where electricity is close by.  These systems can be used in many different environments and work excellent with OWS self-weighted diffuser plates available with single, dual, and quad 9” rubber membrane diffusers.

AerMaster DD solar aerators are an excellent alternative for projects where electricity is inconvenient or too costly.  These systems produce 2.8 CFM on a single compressor system and 5.6 CFM on a dual compressor system.  Installation is very simple and quick, coming with everything to install, all at a highly competitive price point.

Wind is also an effective and efficient energy source for aeration through an OWS windmill.  OWS leads the industry by producing 4.5 CFM with a 5 year compressor warranty.  Deluxe models are available which include all accessories to properly aerate two air stations.

Fountains are a great aesthetic for any water feature while producing some surface aeration and circulation.  OWS fountains are new for 2018 and have all stainless-steel chassis, pump, motor, and intake screens.  These fountains are very versatile, available in both solar (3/4hp, 1 ½hp, 3hp) and electric (3/4hp, 1 ½ hp, 3hp, 5hp), and have interchangeable nozzles.  36-Watt LED’s can be added to the electric models for an even more dramatic display.

Outdoor Water Solutions can provide detailed quotes and maps for all of these systems.  Projects can be sent to National Sales Manager, Joe Forman who can be reached at joe@outdoorwatersolutions.com and 479-756-1614.  We look forward to providing our systems and customer service for your projects this summer.

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