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The Difference Between an Airstone Diffuser and a Rubber Membrane

  • July 21, 2021

Keeping Your Pond Healthy

Ponds are beautiful additions to any landscape layout. They are also great habitats for fish, frogs, and other pond life. However, to have a nice and healthy pond, you need to remember to add oxygen. This is called aerating your pond. This oxygen is added by compressing air through airline and dispersed through diffusers on the bottom of the pond.  We will discuss two types of diffusers, which are airstone diffusers or a rubber membrane. So, what is the difference between the two options? Well, in this article, we’ll go over what each one can offer.

The Airstone Diffuser

As mentioned in previous articles, maintaining a proper balance of oxygen in your pond is essential. The airstone diffuser is a porous stone that produces small bubbles when air is pumped through. We recommend putting the airstone diffusers in a bucket so they do not sink into the mud.  Airstone diffusers are a little more difficult to install, but they are cheaper than the rubber membrane diffusers.

The Rubber Membrane

When it comes to the rubber membrane diffuser, the price can be slightly more expensive than the airstone diffuser. The rubber membrane diffuser comes on a self-sinking base making it easy to place at your desired location. And, if you need even more oxygen, we offer a double disc diffuser. However, the extra cost may come out to a better investment since the rubber membrane diffuser won’t require as much maintenance as the airstone diffuser. This can be a convenient feature if you don’t have the time to maintain your pond aeration systems. Another advantage that you may find with the rubber membrane is that it doesn’t need to be placed in a bucket.

Their Inner Workings

When it comes to their functionality, they both do the same thing: to create streams of bubbles, which gives your pond oxygen.

Final Takeaway

Whether you’re looking to invest in an Airstone Diffuser Kit or a Rubber Membrane Diffuser Kit, both are good options. The airstone diffuser can be ideal for smaller ponds. The rubber membrane is an ideal solution for bigger ponds. This is because more bubbles are created and transported throughout the water, which makes more oxygen for your aquatic environment. To reiterate, both options are good, but your investment would depend on the price, maintenance frequency, and size of the pond.

Outdoor Water Solutions offers high-quality pond & lake aerators (solar, electric & wind) and aeration windmill systems, fish feeders, fountains, and all-natural pond care products. Please email or call us at 866.471.1614 and we can provide you with a detailed quote and can even help you design the best solar aeration system for your needs.

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