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Windmill Aeration Benefits

  • June 21, 2013

Windmill Aeration Benefits

Windmill Aeration Benefits

All ponds and lakes benefit from aeration.  Pond aeration is just like adding air to an aquarium.  With air, the aquarium stays fairly clean.  Shut off the air and it starts to turn green.

The same process works for pond and lakes.  Adding oxygen to a pond helps aerobic bacteria thrive.  They are the lifeblood of a healthy pond as aerobic bacteria are much more effective than anaerobic bacteria at breaking down organic matter and excess nutrients.  Bottom diffused aeration brings water from the bottom of the pond to the surface where it comes in contact with sunlight and wind, which add viable oxygen.   This water then goes back down to the bottom where the aerobic bacteria can start to eat the black organic matter and muck on the bottom.

Without aeration, ponds turn eutrophic.  They start to accumulate excess muck on the bottom which then feeds algae and other weeds.  Aeration has been proven to reduce algae growth, eliminate pond stratification, reduce pond turnover and complete freeze up in the winter.  All of this means a cleaner, healthier pond with less fish kills.

Windmill aerators are effective in aerating ponds and lakes.  Windmill Aeration works by placing air diffusers at the deepest levels of your pond.  These air diffusers take the oxygen that is compressed into airlines and carried down into the water to the air diffusers. The air diffusers then turn the compressed air into thousands of fine oxygen bubbles.  Pond windmills that provide aeration are typically healthy ponds.

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