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Category: Windmill Aeration

Outdoor Water Solutions

Should I add pond dye to my pond?

The Uses of Pond Dye Many who have ponds have used pond dye for a variety of reasons. Those who are new to having a pond may wonder about the various ways you can use pond dye. What is pond dye? Well, this type of dye is made to...
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Aeration Windmill Systems, which one is right for you?

Have you been thinking about getting an windmill aeration system for your pond? Having aeration to your pond can improve water quality, reduce algae, enhance pond fish habitats as well as breakdown unwanted bacteria and remove unwanted odors from your pond. There are many choices for aeration systems but...
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What is a Windmill Pond Aerator?

The idea of a Windmill has been around since 500 A.D. and perhaps even before that. They were first used by the Persians as water pumps and grain mills, but the principle was the same; man, harnessing wind to do achieve goals in society. All throughout history, wind powered...
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Windmill Compressors

  Hello my name is John Red and I’m with Outdoor Water Solutions. Today I’d like about our windmill variation systems or some people would call them windmill aerators. There are several manufacturers out there and several of them import the product in the United States whereas ours are...
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What are Aeration Windmills?

  Windmills can be used for a lot of things.  They can be used to pump water, produce electricity and grind grain.  They can also be used to compress air; these windmills are called aeration windmills. Aeration windmills were developed about 30 years ago and have been improving ever...
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BalCam II Compressor

BalCam II Compressor Outdoor Water Solutions introduced a new breakthrough compressor design in 2007 that pumped more air at a higher psi through a single diaphragm utilizing a balanced camshaft approach and was named the “BalCam” Compressor. The compressor workload was balanced across the camshaft and center bearing which...
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New Tri-fold Brochure

Is a Wind-Driven Aeration System right for me? Windmill Aerator Options: Every Aeration windmill that Outdoor Water Solutions sells has the same windmill head. We use the same blades, hub assembly, compressor, tail arms, and tail fins on all of our windmills. The only difference between the windmill shown...
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Pond Algae Prevention

Pond Algae Prevention Pond algae is a common problem in a majority of ponds, especially if they are more than 3 to 4 years old. Algae can come in many different shapes and sizes, but the most common is filamentous algae that looks like clumps and float in the...
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Windmill Aerators for Ponds and Lakes

We often get the question, “Why use a windmill for pond or lake aeration when there are other aeration options out there?” The answer is quite simple. Your pond needs aeration to keep it healthy and using a windmill for aeration is one option for doing that. Windmill aerators...
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