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Your Backyard Lacking Charm?

  • December 12, 2023

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your backyard? Ornamental Windmills are the perfect way to add an aesthetic focal point to any garden or backyard! At Outdoor Water Solutions, we have a number of customizable and wooden and galvanized windmills to fit any space. From our small backyard windmill with multiple color options or wood backyard windmill that radiates southern charm, we can help you choose the best option for you! 

Decorative windmills can be placed in various locations depending on their size, style, and the overall aesthetic you’re aiming for. Not sure if an ornamental windmill is right for you? See how and where to set up the perfect windmill! Here are some common placements for decorative windmills: 

In the Garden 

There is no doubt that one of the most popular places our customers set up their ornamental windmills is in their gardens. With a garden windmill, you can add a charming touch to complement your garden and other features. Within your garden, you can choose to place it near a flower bed or vegetable patch to add the perfect whimsical feel. When it comes to buying the perfect  garden windmill, we at Outdoor Water Solutions, recommend our Small Wood Backyard Windmill. This garden windmill has high-quality stained wood and is waterproof! Plus, it is pre-drilled for easy assembly. 

In the Backyard

The next space ornamental windmills make a great addition to, is the backyard. In larger backyards, a decorative windmill can be placed as part of the overall landscaping design. It may serve as a decorative element among plants, shrubs, or near a patio area. The backyard windmill we recommend is the Large Backyard Bronze Windmill. While you have to be weary about where you place it in the backyard, rest assured that this windmill is structurally sound for strong winds. The Large Backyard Bronze Windmill was built for easy assembly and will look great all year round, and for decades to come! 

Near a Water Feature

Another location we recommend you add an ornamental windmill to, is near a water feature. You can be as creative as you like and add it near a pond, lake, or water feature to create the perfect outdoor hangout space! To make sure your newly added windmill stands out next to your water features, we recommend you take a look at our Galvanized Ornamental 4-Legged Tower. This windmill is fast and easy to assemble and can usually be done in just one or two days! This ornamental windmill is the perfect statement piece to add near a lake or pond and it is manufactured with 18-gauge galvanized steel. In other words, it is designed to the same high standards as our functional windmills, so it will last for years to come!

Commercial Outdoor Spaces

The last place you can add any of our ornamental windmills to is commercial spaces! Some businesses, especially those with outdoor spaces like cafes, restaurants, or garden centers, may use decorative windmills to create a visually appealing atmosphere. The decorative windmill we recommend to any business that has the space is our Small Backyard Windmill with multiple color options! With the freedom to choose the color(s) you’d like, you can show support to your company with the same color as your newly added windmill! The key features to this ornamental windmill is, simple, fast and safe anchoring system, it’s customizable, and it is a structurally strong tower for strong winds. 

Contact Outdoor Water Solutions Today

When placing a decorative windmill, consider the scale and style of your outdoor space, ensuring that it complements rather than overwhelms its surroundings. While there are many different options to choose from and many unique locations you can place an ornamental windmill, the choice is yours! If you find yourself stuck and unsure which windmill is right for you, contact the windmill professionals at Outdoor Water Solutions by calling 866.471.1614 today! 


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