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How do you Improve a Pond the Natural Way?

  • April 1, 2020

Improving Pond Water Quality the Natural Way

Together with a team of seasoned biologists and water quality experts, OWS has created a simple, easy to use Pond Care System.  The three products included in the Pond Pack work together to help to prevent problems before they start!

Today, many pond owners rely on the use of algaecides and herbicides to keep their pond looking nice.  While these products work well, they are primarily curative in nature.  That means they fix the problem after it is already a problem – like algae and weeds.   They do not fix the underlying issue which is a buildup of nutrients and a lack of aeration and water circulation.  These “excess” nutrients and lack of oxygen is really what causes too much algae and too many weeds.

Other potential problems with traditional solutions:

  • Pond Turnover – without proper aeration, most ponds will physically turn over once or twice a year.  This is due to the water stratifying into different layers with the colder, oxygen depleted water on the bottom.  As the seasons change, a pond can invert or turn over, which brings the colder, low oxygen water to the surface where fish will often die due to lack of oxygen.
  • Pond Algae – with a lack of oxygen and a build up of nutrients, pond algae can thrive in a pond.  Algaecides are effective in killing the algae that’s there, but do not prevent it from coming back as they do not fix the real problem.
  • Pond Muck – with a lack of oxygen, beneficial bacteria, and enzymes on the bottom of a pond, the decomposition process of leaves, fish waste, grass clippings, etc. cannot occur.  The bottom of the pond soon starts to build up with a black layer of muck that cannot decompose and instead continues to accumulate and release excess nutrients into the water further feeding algae and other weed problems.

Pond care is really evolving as the industry itself becomes more environmentally conscious and pond owners start to consider alternatives to using potentially harmful chemicals to treat their pond water.

Just like any problem that needs to be solved, the best way to approach it is to look at the underlying issues or symptoms of the problem.  An excess of nutrients and a lack of aeration and water circulation are usually the underlying problems that cause algae and excess vegetation in a pond.  As a more environmentally sound alternative, pond care can be achieved by using a combination of biological products and aeration.  The Pond  Pack from Outdoor Water Solutions combines three different natural products that work together to help prevent future problems.  To further improve your pond environment, aeration provided by an Outdoor Water Solutions solar, wind or electric aerator can make a big difference by adding beneficial oxygen to the water.  This begins breaking down excess nutrients, both in the water and on the bottom of the pond.  Combining additional oxygen in your pond with a mixture of beneficial bacteria, water clarifiers, and natural pond dye gives your pond the care it needs to stay healthy and clean.

Pond Care Packs Provide:

  • An Easy and Safe to Use Pond Cleaning System
  • No FDA or EPA Approval Required
  • No Need to take Courses and go through a Licensing Application
  • All Natural Solution to Help Keep Your Pond Clean and Healthy
  • For Use in Ponds, Lakes, Fisheries and Ornamental Bodies of Water

Each Pond Pack contains three different products which work together to help people clean up their ponds and maintain them in good condition 365 days a year.  These three natural products are proven and tested to help tie up nutrients in the water body and provide the simplest and most cost effective solution available on the market.

Recommended Solution


Each Pond Pack box will treat ¼ acre pond with an average depth of 4′ – 6 feet. For a ½ acre pond 4-6 ft deep, you would use two boxes for season long performance.

Each Pond Pack Box contains three all natural products designed to help keep your pond clean and healthy all season long.

  • Lake & Pond Water Clarifier is a non-toxic granular product commonly used in the water treatment industry to improve water clarity.  It also reduces the amount of phosphorous in the water and helps clean up murky pond water.
  • Lake & Pond Bacteria is a non-toxic natural blend of beneficial microbes in a barley straw base.  Lake & Pond Bacteria helps break down organic matter, diminishes nutrient overload, helps reduce odor, and creates a clean, clear pond ecosystem.
  • Lake & Pond Dye is a proprietary blend of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, water-soluble dyes formulated to reduce sunlight penetration and impart a natural blue color when applied to ponds, lakes and fountains.

For ponds that have a lot of algae present, you may need to treat with a copper based product.  For ponds larger than ¼ acre, you may need to purchase multiple Pond Packs to get season long performance.  Aeration systems are not required, but extremely helpful in increasing the performance of these products.

NOTE: The use of these products can improve water quality in ponds and small lakes, especially when combined with aeration. For the most environmentally sound system, combine these products with an Outdoor Water Solutions aeration system.

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