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Is a Solar Pond Aerator The Best Option For Your Pond?

  • September 14, 2022

As pond owners, ideally, we want mother nature to take the reins and help our ponds maintain their beauty and aquatic health. Unfortunately, there are parts of the country that are prone to inclement weather making it difficult for nature and your pond to work together. If your beautiful pond has taken a hit from the ever-changing weather, this blog is for you!

There are various options available for maintaining your pond but not every option will work for every pond. Some ponds are not near a power source so it’s difficult to utilize electric pond aeration devices. The electricity that is used from these devices can also get a little pricey, making it another reason why it may not be the best option. Fortunately, a solution in the form of solar pond aeration is available for anyone who needs to keep their pond maintained but is not in a position to invest in electric pond aeration.

The Benefits of Pond Aeration

The most critical water quality factor that affects the overall health of your pond is dissolved oxygen. When you add any type of pond aeration system to it, the dissolved oxygen level will increase, accelerating the breakdown of organic matter and preventing the release of toxins from sediment into the water. When your pond is properly aerated, it’s less prone to harmful algae blooms and provides a healthy environment for your aquatic life.

Pond aeration is necessary for a pond to maintain its health and normally occurs naturally courtesy of the wind. When strong winds are not available, pond aeration systems are needed. In situations where pond aeration is needed but adding a system may not be in the budget or the nearest transformer is hundreds of yards away, solar pond aerators may be the perfect solution.

Getting to Know Solar Pond Aerators

A solar pond aerator works similarly to a traditional system, except the compressor is connected to solar panels rather than an electrical power source. Solar pond aerators are a great choice for properties where obtaining electrical service can be challenging, or if you’re in an area where there is a heightened concern for environmental sustainability or an “off-the-grid” operation.

Solar pond aerators let natural sunlight do all of the work. They also come in the form of floating solar pond fountains to add to the ambiance of your pond. These solar aerators and solar fountains not only help you get creative with your pond but also are a great addition to your pond maintenance as you’ll never have to worry about lack of wind if you live in the warmer states in the winter, you’ll never run out of sunlight! Additionally, because solar pond aerators rely solely on sunlight, you’ll save hundreds in electricity bills.

Outdoor Water Solutions has a solution for any issue you may be experiencing with your pond. We carry a variety of solar pond aerators including floating solar pond fountains that will provide your pond with the aeration it needs to survive and thrive. Check out our solar pond aerators and contact us today at 866.471.1614 to learn more about these amazing pond care products!

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