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Natural Algae Prevention

  • March 4, 2014

We recently had a question sent to us from a pond owner who is looking to prevent algae from growing and to combine “all natural” products with aeration.

John Redd, Owner of Outdoor Water Solutions offered the following suggestions:

Step 1:  Keep colorant in your pond year around.  It should have a consistent blue/dark blue appearance that is pleasing in color, but more importantly, filters the sunlight and keeps it off of the bottom.   The amount of dye is dependent on pond size, pond depth, rainfall and sunlight.  On a 1 acre pond that is 4’ deep on average, we would typically recommend 1 quart of concentrate to start.  If 8’ -12’ deep, it would probably take 2 quarts to start assuming there is no residual colorant left from last year.  Then you would add a ½ quart each month or two to keep the color year around depending on how much rain and/or dilution you might get.  You can always add some, give it a day or two, then add more until you get the color you want.  You should not be able to see the bottom at 2’-3’ of depth.   Algae can grow anytime, even over winter, so having a colorant in your pond all year is critical to preventing algae growth.

Step 2:  Add supplemental aerobic bacteria every 2 weeks once the water temperature hits 50 degrees.  For a one acre pond, you would add 8 packets (4 pounds) every 2 weeks.  Toss it in around the edges of the pond and out in the middle.  These are water soluble packets that dissolve and increase the # of aerobic bacteria in your pond with the objective of breaking down excess nutrients and organic matter.

Step 3:   Selectively control algae that appears.  Some people use an algaecide.  Others use a lake rake and pull it into shore and dispose of it.  Keeping it from sinking to the bottom and adding to your existing muck is typically a good idea.

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