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Nutrient Reduction Algae Control

  • February 23, 2014

Nutrient Reduction Algae Control

Nutrient Reduction Algae Control

Plants need nutrients to grow, algae included.  Reducing the amount of nutrients, especially nitrogen and phosphorus, will limit the amount of algae present in your lake or pond. No one will be able to eliminate nutrients completely, especially if you have a fishery. Nitrogen and phosphorus are two main nutrients needed for algae to grow, phosphorus is number one overall.

Constructed lakes and ponds are heavily influenced by their surrounding environment, such as runoff from degraded land, agriculture, and lawn practices. Management of nutrients into the pond can be achieved by: constructing wetlands; building buffers in-between the nutrient source and waters edge; create a floating island planted with plants, herbs and flowers; or you can create an aquatic plant buffer that pertains to the goals of the lake or pond.  All of these are good options to managing nutrient loads.

Nutrient reduction can also be achieved thru chemical, biological, and mineral applications. These treatments are applied by spraying, injecting, or dispersal over the treatment site.  Nutrient reduction is a key step in managing algae for the long term and not a quick fix.


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