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Outdoor Water Solutions

Pond Fountains

  • June 18, 2013

Solar powered aerators & pond fountains

Pond Fountains

Fountains are a wonderful addition to your pond or lake. Fountains, in addition to adding a decorative look to your pond or lake, fountains also help to aerate the water in your pond or lake, replenish oxygen supplies, break up the water column thru de-stratification and help eliminate algae and odors. The more water moves throughout your pond or lake, the more oxygen the water contains which results in keeping your pond healthy.

Outdoor Water Solutions offers and Eco line and Premier line of fountains.  They are manufactured in the U.S., and offer excellent quality.

Our fountains are easy to assemble, low cost to operate, and offer several different and unique patterns.

We also offer lighting kits for your pond or fountain.

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