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The Differences Between Windmill and Solar Aeration in Ponds

  • December 30, 2020

The Benefits of Pond Aeration

When it comes to maintaining a pond, one of your main goals is to have proper aeration. Rest assured that you’ll have a wide range of options for your aeration needs, including windmill and solar aerations. The benefits of aeration in your pond is to enhance the entire habitat. This can include improving the water’s overall quality for healthy fish and removing algae in the water. Aeration can also aid in breaking down and eliminating harmful bacteria that can kill fish in the pond. Moreover, you’ll also be able to remove foul odors and mosquitos that result from standing water. Although the different types of aeration have the same purpose, you will find key differences in the systems overall.

The Windmill Aerator

What is windmill pond aeration? The windmill aerators work great for ponds up to 3 acres. The aerator windmill is also ideal for farm ponds or ponds located in rural areas. The windmill can be a cost-effective method of keeping the water in your pond circulating. The best thing about this alternative is that you can usually count on steady winds throughout the day ranging from 6 hours up to 20+  hours. The standard heights for these windmills can start at 15 feet and reach up to 27 feet in height. They come in three and four-legged towers to support the turning windmill. You’ll have plenty of choices in metal and wood towers for all your structural needs. The wind works by turning the windmill head and compressor. This will give circulation to your pond when it is placed nearby.

Solar Pond Aeration

Years ago, solar energy was considered one of the most expensive investments, but solar energy has become much more affordable today. This includes solar pond aeration. This is an excellent option for those who live on farms or in rural communities. Moreover, it can also be handy for anyone who doesn’t have electricity readily available for their pond. Rural residences can take advantage because the sun is usually abundant in a clear and open field. Even on a cloudy day, the solar panels can soak up the sun’s energy to operate the solar aerator. However, some solar aerators will not work in the nighttime since the sun is not out and shining. If you’re looking to keep your solar aerator working for up to 20 hours daily, you can always consider investing in a solar aerator with a backup battery aeration system.

Windmill Aeration vs. Solar Aeration

One of the main benefits of having windmill or solar aerators is letting nature do all the work. Consider the weather characteristics you live in before deciding between a windmill or a solar aerator. You can gather local information regarding average wind speeds for both day and night. You can also gather data on the average sunshine your area experiences day to day and per year along with this information. This can give you an idea of which investment would work best for you.

PSI for Windmill Pond Aeration

Remember that the primary purpose of both the windmill and solar aerators is to create sufficient aeration for added oxygen. An aeration windmill can perform great at 30 PSI. This is plenty of PSI to ensure proper oxygen levels for ponds and lakes up to 30’ deep. Outdoor Water Solutions offers windmill heads up to 73”, which have high torque to ensure proper aeration even when the wind is low. You want to have good oxygen levels throughout your entire pond, and our windmills fit the bill.

PSI for Solar Aeration Ponds

Solar aerators are designed to aerate both shallow and deep ponds and are most effective in areas where wind is not an option due to structures, trees, topography or just lower wind areas.  Outdoor Water Solutions manufactures a Direct Drive solar aeration system that is designed for shallow ponds and also a Classic DD solar for deeper ponds.  Both options are available and will do a great job with aeration.

The Results

In the end, both the solar pond aerator and the windmill pond aerators are considered great options. Aren’t sure which options work best for you? Call us, and we can help you work through the differences before making the final investment. Aeration will give you a new level of appreciation for your healthy and clean pond as well as a more pleasing landscape overall. Aeration systems make pond water clearer, and your fish will live much longer. The added scenery can also provide you with a relaxing feeling at the end of the day.

Outdoor Water Solutions offers high-quality pond & lake aerators (solar, electric & wind) and aeration windmill systems, fish feeders, fountains, and all-natural pond care products. Please email or call us at 1-855.690.6012 and we can provide you with a detailed quote and can even help you design the best solar aeration system for your needs.

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