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  • Two tower hinges on a white background.

    Tower Hinges

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  • A 3/8 in Pressure Relief Valve.

    3/8″ Pressure Relief Valve

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  • A replacement 1/2 inch pressure relief valve.

    Replacement 1/2″ Pressure Relief Valve

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  • A 1/2 inch 2-way selector valve.

    2-Way Selector Valve 1/2″

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  • A windmill head pivot bearing on a white background.

    Windmill Head Pivot Bearing

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  • 4 wooden windmill anchor stakes.

    Wood Windmill Anchor Kit

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  • Bronze windmill head and tail fin with a few feet of the tower showing. It is against a blue sky with light clouds. The view is at an upward angle looking up.

    Personalized Tailfin or Personalized Tailfin Logo

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  • An old time windmill retrofit kit on a white background.

    Old Time Windmill Retrofit Kit

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  • An OWS Windmill Maintenance Kit.

    OWS Windmill Maintenance Kit

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  • A small pond accessory kit with a bucket, nylon rope, air hose and a duck decoy.

    Small Pond Accessory Kit

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  • A freeze control unit on a windmill frame.

    Freeze Control Unit

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  • A medium pond accessory kit including 2 buckets, 1 airstone, two ducks, a roll of hose and a connector.

    Medium Pond Accessory Kit

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