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Large Backyard Windmills

High Standard Design

Our Large decorative backyard windmills are an attractive addition to any lawn, backyard, garden, or farmstead. They come in your choice of powder-coated colors to withstand the elements, or you can choose hot-dipped galvanized steel. They are designed with the same high standards as our full-scale windmills.  These measure 11’6″ tall x 2’8″ wide at the base.  They turn 360 degrees, and the head spins, so they look great!

These include ground stakes for mounting. The only thing missing is some concrete for locking in the ground stakes.

Are you looking to make an attractive addition to your lawn or garden? Our Large Backyard Windmills are the perfect addition! These backyard windmills are built to the same high standards as our functional windmills. This means it will last for years to come. Our backyard windmills have a small footprint, measuring a compact 2’8” at the base. This means no matter how big, or small your yard is, it won’t overpower the space. Plus, these windmills stand 11’6”. This is tall enough to attract attention but not so tall that it will dominate your yard or garden. With a smaller backyard, this windmill draws attention and can be your main statement piece in your yard. If you have a larger yard, this windmill works great in conjunction with other accessories. With its rotating head, capable of pivoting a full 360 degrees, and a head that spins, this windmill is not only beautiful; it also lets you know how fast the wind is blowing and from what direction. These windmills are designed to be long-lasting yet unique. You can pick from powder-coated in unique color combinations or hot-dipped galvanized steel. Because these backyard windmills are four-legged, they are extra stable. We include ground stakes for easy mounting. When purchasing these windmills, the only other thing you will need is concrete to lock the ground stakes in.

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The Backyard Windmill™ - Large Version  - Outdoor Water Solutions
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The Backyard Windmill™ - Large Version

Main Features of The Backyard Windmill™:

  • Sturdy 4 leg tower design
  • Measures 11’6″ to the top of the fan blades.  The base measures 2’8″ wide.
  • 1 piece 27” rotor head for ease of assembly
  • Simple, fast and safe anchoring system using ground stakes (provided in package).
  • Structurally strong tower for strong winds
  • Windmill is sold for ornamental purposes
  • There is a One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • The Backyard windmill weighs only 65 lbs. for the Large version and is shipped all in one box throughout North America
  • The Backyard Windmill is available in a number of powder coated finishes – traditional galvanized steel or Bronze, Red & White, Green & Yellow or Red, White & Blue powder coat colors
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