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Outdoor Water Solutions

What is Solar Aeration?

Solar Aeration When it comes to pond aeration, you will find a wide variety of choices. Among these choices, you will have the solar pond aerator to consider. What makes solar aeration the right investment for your pond? To find out if a solar aerator is what you need,...
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One Of The Best Pond Care Products For Ponds

A pond is a unique way to enhance the aesthetics of any home or the property a home sits on. It’s also one that seems as though it can manage itself. This is a common misconception about both man-made and natural ponds, as they each need their own amount...
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What is Electric Aeration for Ponds?

Electric Aeration and Your Pond Electric aeration is one of the many ways to aerate a pond. Aeration in itself is the process of infusing oxygen into the waters of the pond. This can also include small lakes and other bodies of water. So why is oxygen essential for...
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How to Protect Fish During Winter

Pond Life in the Winter As those cold, freezing temperatures begin to arrive, it is time to prepare your pond and fish. Of course, your first priority is to protect your fish because of their sensitive nature. Because the freezing temps don’t usually arrive until November or December, it...
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Five Ways to Beautify Your Yard This Fall

A New Season Brings Changes Now that the fall months have arrived, you’ll be able to enjoy the colorful changes that come with the season. However, many may find it challenging to find ways to beautify their yard because most plants become dormant. In contrast with spring, the leaves...
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Does Your Pond Still Need Managing In The Fall?

It almost sounds crazy but did you know that in central Texas, there is actually a need to “winterize” your pond? It’s true! Even though the temperatures have dropped, it’s vital to the health of your pond in the fall and winter to keep up with its maintenance. Additionally,...
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What is Windmill Aeration?

The Windmill Aerator The term “windmill aeration” is usually used among pond owners. However, if you have just bought a property with a pond or lake, it would be a good idea to know what windmill aeration can do for your pond. Aeration alone is the process of infusing...
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What Problems Are Caused By Poor Aeration?

Improving Pond Aeration What causes the majority of pond problems? Well, about 90 percent of pond problems are caused by poor aeration. In this article, we’ll go over some of the things you can do to improve pond aeration. Specifically, we’ll look at the three main ways to aerate...
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Five Ways Solar Pond Aeration Can Help Your Lake

Having any type of water feature along the layout of your landscape can increase the overall beauty of nature. However, you also have to remember to maintain your pond or lake regularly. One of the first things you have to remember is that aerating any large body of water...
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How to Get Rid of Pond Muck

What is Pond Muck? When it comes to pond muck, it can be a complex process to get rid of it. However, in this article, we’ll go over some of the fundamental ways that can help you to clean your pond of this disgusting muck. First, what exactly is...
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Five Benefits of Adding Pond Microbes

What are Pond Microbes? The word microbes can encompass an array of things. It composes a collection of bacteria, protists, and more. When it comes to ponds, there are good and bad bacteria. You will want to promote good bacteria for your pond so they can destroy bad bacteria....
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