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Eco Line Fountains

Looking for a fountain that is energy efficient? Outdoor Water Solution’s newest Eco Line fountains have various benefits available, including an eco-friendly design! These fountains are economical to purchase. The 1/2 HP Floating Pond Fountain Eco Line is regularly $995 but is on sale during the month of August for...
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Turtles and Your Pond Part 2

Previously, we talked about turtle populations and how to manage the population in   your pond.  Turtles are, relatively speaking, easier to catch than bream.   There are numerous methods for catching turtles and removing them from lakes and ponds.  We will discuss briefly different methods. Old timers would...
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Beneficial Bacteria For Your Pond

Aeration has contributed great strides toward improving lake environments.  Another natural treatment gaining popularity to cleanse water is beneficial microbes, or bacteria. Microbes influence water quality as they interact with water chemistry, oxygen, circulation, and temperatures.  Depending on the type bacteria in a pond, it can make or break...
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Sunlight Reduction Algae Control

Sunlight Reduction Algae Control Limiting the amount of sunlight is effective in managing filamentous algae, but not eliminating other species. Pond dyes produce different shades of color that block the sunlight, and are safe to use for plants or algae. You can find several of these items here on...
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7 Ways to Control Algae

7 Way to Control Algae It’s that time of the year, when winter is holding on ferociously, spring is around the corner, and summer is not far behind. As managers of lakes and ponds its time to reassess our annual algae and vegetation management plans/prescriptions. As a professional we...
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Windmill Aeration Benefits

Windmill Aeration Benefits All ponds and lakes benefit from aeration.  Pond aeration is just like adding air to an aquarium.  With air, the aquarium stays fairly clean.  Shut off the air and it starts to turn green. The same process works for pond and lakes.  Adding oxygen to a...
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Pond Dye Benefits

  Pond dye is typically applied in a concentrated amount and takes time to disperse, usually several hours.  Over the course of a single day it can change the appearance of water in your pond or lake.  What are the benefits of pond dyes? Algae Control – Pond dyes...
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Pond Fountains

Pond Fountains Fountains are a wonderful addition to your pond or lake. Fountains, in addition to adding a decorative look to your pond or lake, fountains also help to aerate the water in your pond or lake, replenish oxygen supplies, break up the water column thru de-stratification and help...
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Windmill and Electric Aeration for Pond Algae Control

Windmill Aeration Systems are great systems for where you do not have electricity or where you don’t want to spend money on electricity.  You do need to have access to an area where there’s some wind to turn a windmill.  Typically, each windmill will need 3-6 mph of wind...
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Surface Aeration For Pond Algae Control

Surface Aeration All ponds and lakes will benefit from aeration. Pond aeration is just like adding air to an aquarium. With air, the aquarium stays fairly clean. Shut off the air and it starts to turn green. Adding oxygen to a pond helps aerobic bacteria thrive. They are the...
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Pond Algae Control

Pond Algae Control Once you have a problem with pond algae, there are a couple of options for controlling the situation.  The most common is to add a copper based algaecide, either in dry or liquid form, to kill the visible algae.  You want to avoid not killing too...
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Pumps and Water Features in Winter

Preparing your Pond for Winter: Pumps and Water Features in Winter With cooler weather moving in it’s time to prepare your pond and water features for winter.  Here are some tips to help you prepare your pumps and water features in winter. Shut down any above-ground water sources such...
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